Monday, July 28, 2014

Michael Kors - free fall

The latest billionaire in the fashion industry, Michael Kors has certainly achieved a great fortune of both money and respect the past few years. His designs are critically acclaimed and adored by every fashionista on the street. However, analysts are anticipating this admiration to soon cause the fashion house its own destruction.

In a very short while, the designer has managed to create a global buzz around its products, especially dominating the handbags and watches sales. Literally everywhere, Michael Kors goods are quite sought after, especially due to its three-tier price points - a high-end department store brand, a middle-market brand, and discount outlet stores. While this strategy may have worked in MK's favour so far, it could also easily backfire.

As history may repeat itself, Tommy Hilfiger peaked in the 90s and unfortunately experienced a downward inclination when people realised that it just wasn't exclusive anymore. While growing up, I witnessed Tommy Hilfiger EVERYWHERE. Everyone had a wallet or footwear or polo shirts or all of the mentioned from Hilfiger two decades ago. But slowly, the hype just expired. Because it was everywhere, it lost its value.

When thinking of high end luxury goods, a chunk of the crowd opts for affordability, which no doubt, Michael Kors offers. However, now that everyone possesses an MK, the brand is gradually losing its exclusivity and grandeur. Its simply omnipresent- causing people to question the trends. No one wants something that everyone already has. I'm afraid this phenomenon may cause MK more than just a few bucks.

Also, it is widely believed that Michael Kors is evolving, not creating designs. His Spring 2014 and Fall 2014 collection was practically cut from the same cloth (pun intended).  Easy printed dresses cinched with a leather belt, simple cotton shirts tucked into A-line skirts, pastel palettes - it was mere maturation. I hope we get to experience something novel next season because we all know how much Michael Kors is worth in the industry and I'd hate to see that assessment crumble.

You guys should definitely check out the Forbes article by Robin Lewis here. He's quite genius. Please do comment below to let me know your verdict on this debate.

Thursday, July 17, 2014


Hello to all my readers. I'm finally back with a post with my insight of working backstage for one of the biggest designer labels of India - Shantanu & Nikhil. I've been interning at for the past month and received this opportunity as an outcome. You can also read my posts for their blog here. I'm moving to New York in a month and am quite excited to make it my next blog destin(y)ation.

Back to S&N, here's a summary of what this magnificent couture show was really like (with regard to my article here.)

On a fine evening compact with prefect ambience and aura, Shantanu& Nikhil, the couturiers of the decade, presented their magnificent Couture AW’14 collection at JWMariott Delhi. In collaboration with Johnnie Walker, the duo conceptualized India’s first ever live-tweeting fashion show. In addition, a live ticker feed was placed which displayed all the incoming tweets during the show. This idea was an innovative breakthrough in the fashion industry, expressing the modern outlook of technology on couture.
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Shantanu& Nikhil showcased an imperial collection inspired by the emotions of archaic art deco culture. It triggered sensations of opulence, ferocity, and courage among the audience recreating the image of Rani Sultanate, who “is couture herself”. The models appeared nothing short of fearless and bold in the intricately designed couture and once again, reminded us of the socio-economic turbulence survived by her. The mood was set in the sovereign palace of Istanbul, with a ramp right out of the streets of Istanbul, characterized by affluent hues and tones with creative use of feathered headgears and metallic accessories.

The collection narrates the story of a youthful princess on her track to become a queen, having lived through decades of war and trouble. She chronicles her personality with couture constituting of striking palettes, contemporary layering, and feminine cut-outs, revealing her pure empowered persona. "When I was young, I was told there's only one king. That's what I feel like on the ramp - a king", remarked a model at the show.
An interesting contrast to the antiquity was the adolescent tweeting inception. While the collection focused on retrieving the couture civilization, the temperament disposed by the live ticker was a modern and state-of-the-art one. The ticker created a mesmerized buzz at the venue and people were seen constantly tweeting and expressing their opinions on the ticker.  This successfully explored the elevation of not only the collection but also the duo, who were enchanted by the response. This novel concept has never been sought before and was definitely the biggest contraption ever experimented with.
The Bespoke consisted of contemporary bridal collection, complete with blacks, golds, grays, apart from the traditional blues and reds. According to Nikhil, “These colours go beyond seasons and age. There are not just brides, but sisters and friends and other guests who opt for colours like these and therefore they are quite popular in the wedding market”. In true essence, Shantanu & Nikhil have done it again.

You guys were probably reminded of Burberry's Tweetwalk of 2011because of the close proximity of innovation. That show was definitely a turning point in the history of fashion shows. I'm so glad to see the Indian duo take it further. So what did you guys think?