Thursday, July 17, 2014


Hello to all my readers. I'm finally back with a post with my insight of working backstage for one of the biggest designer labels of India - Shantanu & Nikhil. I've been interning at for the past month and received this opportunity as an outcome. You can also read my posts for their blog here. I'm moving to New York in a month and am quite excited to make it my next blog destin(y)ation.

Back to S&N, here's a summary of what this magnificent couture show was really like (with regard to my article here.)

On a fine evening compact with prefect ambience and aura, Shantanu& Nikhil, the couturiers of the decade, presented their magnificent Couture AW’14 collection at JWMariott Delhi. In collaboration with Johnnie Walker, the duo conceptualized India’s first ever live-tweeting fashion show. In addition, a live ticker feed was placed which displayed all the incoming tweets during the show. This idea was an innovative breakthrough in the fashion industry, expressing the modern outlook of technology on couture.
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Shantanu& Nikhil showcased an imperial collection inspired by the emotions of archaic art deco culture. It triggered sensations of opulence, ferocity, and courage among the audience recreating the image of Rani Sultanate, who “is couture herself”. The models appeared nothing short of fearless and bold in the intricately designed couture and once again, reminded us of the socio-economic turbulence survived by her. The mood was set in the sovereign palace of Istanbul, with a ramp right out of the streets of Istanbul, characterized by affluent hues and tones with creative use of feathered headgears and metallic accessories.

The collection narrates the story of a youthful princess on her track to become a queen, having lived through decades of war and trouble. She chronicles her personality with couture constituting of striking palettes, contemporary layering, and feminine cut-outs, revealing her pure empowered persona. "When I was young, I was told there's only one king. That's what I feel like on the ramp - a king", remarked a model at the show.
An interesting contrast to the antiquity was the adolescent tweeting inception. While the collection focused on retrieving the couture civilization, the temperament disposed by the live ticker was a modern and state-of-the-art one. The ticker created a mesmerized buzz at the venue and people were seen constantly tweeting and expressing their opinions on the ticker.  This successfully explored the elevation of not only the collection but also the duo, who were enchanted by the response. This novel concept has never been sought before and was definitely the biggest contraption ever experimented with.
The Bespoke consisted of contemporary bridal collection, complete with blacks, golds, grays, apart from the traditional blues and reds. According to Nikhil, “These colours go beyond seasons and age. There are not just brides, but sisters and friends and other guests who opt for colours like these and therefore they are quite popular in the wedding market”. In true essence, Shantanu & Nikhil have done it again.

You guys were probably reminded of Burberry's Tweetwalk of 2011because of the close proximity of innovation. That show was definitely a turning point in the history of fashion shows. I'm so glad to see the Indian duo take it further. So what did you guys think?

Monday, March 10, 2014

my experience

(also my Parsons BBA essay)

While dealing with problems, we often have to look beyond the usual to resolve them. This isn’t always easy and can be quite time consuming. As most people, I too have faced challenges in my seventeen years of life. Nevertheless, I have discovered that analysis and creativity both play a key role in determining answers.

Recently at the annual function held at my school, I was in charge of make-up and costume for several programs. The most challenging performance to style was definitely the piece based on the musical: CATS. A West End and Broadway show, the pressure to ensure perfection was present. The dancers and singers were to appear like cats, using both clothing and make up.


We were on a tight budget and a set of limited days. Thus, I was to work quickly and efficiently. My first plan of action required extensive research. So, for the first few days, I researched all about the musical using all the resources available. I printed out images, observed videos and read the synopsis repeatedly. The performers in the actual musical wore jumpsuits with various colours and patterns usually allied with cats, which were unfortunately unavailable.

I chose to keep it simple with a full-sleeved leotard and leggings, which would both ensure comfort and give the impression of a jumpsuit. I was positive I would be able to find these in various designs in the market, and thus did not give it much consideration. However, when I began to explore, I realised that they were out of budget and thus, a dead end.

Soon enough, I came up with another idea of buying plain black leggings and leotard, which could be painted over to create an array of designs. This, I believed, even gave me an advantage as I could now manipulate the colours to suit the performer. However, soon I found that this too was challenging as fabric paints proved to be too gloomy and impractical. Thus, now I had to think of a novel way to produce colours.

Finally, I came up with a solution. Using fabric paints, I provided texture to the clothes, but by using bright spray paints, I perked up the tint. This gave my costume the right colours and well as the texture of fur. To serve as a tail, I used a rolled up cloth around the waist which also managed to cover the line distinguishing the two items of clothing, seeming like a jumpsuit. Using leg warmers, mittens, scarves, fake ears etc., I accessorized the performers and managed to gear them up.

Yet, make-up was again an arduous task. I couldn’t use face paints or any other type of paints, as it posed the risk of allergies and aversion. So I had to make use of authentic make up which I eventually accomplished. For crimson tones, I used lipstick. Using diverse colours, I made stripes and spots on the cheeks, forehead and chin, serving as the colour of the cat matching his/her costume. For the other colours, I used mascara and eye liner in order to project wildness with intricacy.

The outcome I received was impeccable. I was greatly appreciated by my teachers as well as peers for my creativity and novelty to achieve the look I was appointed to project. Also, my research was acknowledged, which was evident by the way I was able to replicate the original CATS. Using principles of analysis and creativity, I was able to govern and mould my work.